ABOUT OUR Conference

As one of the leading scientific institutions in the country, Sharif University of Technology intends to hold a conference related to Modern Wireless Telecommunication Systems(MWTS) so as to keep pace with global technologies. After two successful terms, this is the third year that this conference is held at an international level concerning the 5th generation of communication networks.

In the previous years, academics and researchers from the most prominent universities in Iran and other countries, which are contributing to various aspects of 5G and also successful businessmen of the country in the area of communications attended the conference and shared their achievements and opinions with one another and those interested in the field. Visits from distinguished characters such as the Minister of Information and Communications Technology, CEO of Tehran's communication company and the chairman of regulatory at that time gave rise to an exceptional chance for proposing the needs and concerns of this technology in the highest levels of the country.

In the third term of this conference, the two important and popular topics of Network Security and Blockchain were added to the conference topics, showing further attention towards Information Security.