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Modern Communication Technologies Meeting Report

On March 6, 2018, a meeting was held at the Kahroba hall of the Department of Electrical Engineering concerning Modern Communication Technologies.

The meeting, which was hosted by the students of this department, served as a prelude to the third "Modern Wireless Telecommunication Systems" Conference and to familiarize students with the topics discussed at the forthcoming seminar.

At this gathering, people which expertise in the field of 5G first presented their knowledge and then answered possible questions. The first of the presenters and chairman of the Scientific Committee of the Seminar, Dr. Khalaj, introduced 5G and the current and future applications to this technology.

Dr. Khalaj, Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the Seminar

Then Dr. Fakharzadeh, a member of the scientific committee of the seminar, introduced the concept of millimeter waves, its structure and applications for enthusiasts.

Dr. Fakharzadeh

In the third and final part of the meeting, Professor Safdarian, active researcher in Power Systems and Faculty of Electrical Engineering of Sharif University of Technology, introduced the discussion of smart grids for the distribution of electrical power and the application of telecommunication systems for students.

It should be noted that the topics mentioned with titles such as:

• connected cars

• network security

• mobile broadband

• eHealth

• eBanking

• Iot and smart city

• Blockchain

• Teleoperation

will be discussed in a more specialized way at the "Modern Wireless Telecommunication Systems" Conference, which will be held on the 18th and 19th of April, 2018.